1(610) 266-8550

1(610) 266-8550

Valley Extrusions is an industry leader when it comes to supplying precision custom extrusions. With our extensive technical abilities, diverse material knowledge, wide range of in line and off line services and the flexibility to produce both short and long runs, we can typically fulfill the needs of most any extruded requirements.

Valley Extrusions offer a divers range of service and capabiliteis including : custom tubing, precision profiles and fabrication & fulfillment.

Our diverse range of capabilities include small to medium diameter tubing, co-extrusions, tri-extrusions to large complex profiles produced in both rigid and flexible thermoplastics.

Beyond just extruding the product, we also offer a full range of in line and offline secondary operations as well as fulfillment including assembly, kitting, and special packaging. 

At Valley Extrusion we are continually striving to enhance our capabilities as part of our ongoing commitment to maintain our position as an industry leader.